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There have been several changes for the IDTF by the International Committee for Road Transport (GMP+ International, OVOCOM, QS, Qualimat, EFISC-GTP, AIC and AMA). The changes are now implemented in the IDTF. Please find here further information about the changes. At the request of the companies, products and their cleaning regime are entered in the IDTF as soon as these are agreed by the ICRT. The date on which the change was entered in the IDTF is indicated by the ‘publication date’. The date on which the cleaning regime becomes mandatory is indicated with ‘mandatory from’.

1. New products classified in the IDTF

2. Modifications in classified products in the IDTF

3. Modifications in cleaning regime

4. Results of the ICRT survey

In order to further optimize its service and to make lasting improvements to the IDTF database in the interest of the certified companies, the ICRT conducted an online survey last December en January.

More than 1500 respondents took part in the survey, mainly certified companies, certification bodies and consultants. The data show that the participants gave positive ratings to almost all the aspects of the IDTF:

  • 51% rated the presentation of information on products and cleaning processes on the IDTF website as rather good to very good
  • 50 % also rated the product search via the search field on the IDTF homepage positively.
  • 64% rated the presentation of the search results as at least rather good.
  • 82 % rated the information in the ICRT newsletter positively.
  • 89% experience no difficulties connected with the list of differences.

A large number of participants support the suggestion to add a search field to the product information and in the display of the search results.

57% do not need a separate IDTF app.

Although the ratings were positive overall, the survey also showed that there is potential for improvement in the user experience: layout of the database, the search function and the presentation of the search results. These suggestions for improvement will be taken into account for the planned relaunch of the database.